Klotz Institute of Karate

Klotz Institute of Karate teaches students Tang Soo Do karate and Ju-jitsu. It's a KIK!

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All students have to take an introductory class. The cost is $20.00 and includes a uniform. The introductory class is held on Monday at 5:00 PM or Saturday at 10:00 AM at the Bowie Studio and Tuesday at 5:00 PM or Saturday at 10:00 AM at the Columbia studio. Call the Bowie or Columbia studio to register or online by contacting us.

Class Sign up – Our classes at the studios are ongoing so you can join any time. Check our schedule of classes to find a class that fits your skill level: Bowie Schedule or Columbia Schedule.

Flexible Schedule – You can choose the night that best works for your schedule.

No Contracts!


Klotz Institute of Karate teaches students Tang Soo Do karate and Ju-jitsu at our Bowie and Columbia Studios and at Recreation Facilities in Montgomery, Prince George's and Howard Counties in Maryland. Students are taught the five major areas described below.

Basic Motion
Students learn the basic techniques of karate - kicks, punches, blocks and stances
Students memorize patterns of basic techniques
Students learn defenses for pre-arranged specific attacks
Students learn how to break out of various chokes and grabs
Free Sparring
Students are permitted to spar against each other utilizing all the blocks and strikes taught in class (proper safety equipment is required at specific belt ranks)

Belt Progression

Pee-Wees Ages 4-6

  1. No Belt
  2. White Belt
  3. Orange Belt
  4. Yellow Belt
  5. Purple Belt
  6. Green Belt

Youth Ages 5-12 and Adult Ages 13+

  1. No Belt
  2. White Belt
  3. Yellow Belt
  4. Green Belt
  5. Blue Belt
  6. 2nd Grade Brown Belt
  7. 1st Grade Brown Belt
  8. 1st Degree Black Belt

Class Descriptions

Pee-Wees Ages 4-6

An active, fun class offered twice a week for a half hour. The class emphasizes coordination, flexibility, listening skills, and self defense. Once students attain the level of green belt, they can move into the youth class.

Youth Ages 7-12

Youth students may participate in any youth class offered each week. All youth students begin with no belt rank. Once they have demonstrated an understanding of the basic skills, they will earn a white belt.

Parent and Child All ages

This class has the same curriculum as our Youth class where parents and children are encouraged to attend and train together. Youth students must be enrolled in our 7-12 year old classes to participate with their parents.

Adult Ages 13+

All students who are 13 and older may attend any adult class offered each week for 45 minutes. Adult students follow the same belt and exam procedure as the youth students.

Weapons Green and up

For each weapon, students will learn basic skills of blocking and striking as well as a beginner form. These are consecutive classes and should be taken in succession. Students can bring their own weapons or a weapon will be provided. Bowie studio only.

1st Brown All ages

This class is designed for the student who is at the final step before black belt. All material that a student will be tested on will be covered in this class.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Ages 13+

The primary focus of this class is self defense, more so than sport Ju-jitsu, and is taught by Paul Greenhill. Paul is known throughout the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu world as “The Wise Grappler” with a teaching style that emphasizes the details and drilling of basic techniques. While Paul is known for having trained many advanced level competitors, this class is perfect for the traditional martial artist wishing to supplement their training with the well known effectiveness of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.


  1. Under Belt Exams – Offered at each facility and are self paced. Students then earn a red stripe for each area of the curriculum that is exam ready. Once all red stripes are attained, an exam will be scheduled.
  2. Black Belt Exams – Held 1-2 times a year at the Bowie Studio.
  3. Intramural Tournaments – Held twice a year, one in December and one in May. KIK students can compete in forms and fighting. Divisions are broken down into age groups and belt ranks.
  4. Open House – Held annually. Come join us and meet the instructors. Watch exciting demonstrations by both the KIK students and instructors. Enjoy refreshments and try your luck at the door prizes.
  5. Summer Day Camp – Day Camps will be held at both studios. Bowie Day Camp will be held the weeks of July 3-7, July 10-14 and July 17-21. Columbia Day Camp will be held the week of July 24-28.
  6. 20th Annual Summer Overnight Karate Camp – Will be held July 30 - August 5. Overnight Karate Camp is held at the Randolph Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia. It is a beautiful location surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have use of the entire Middle School facilities, including the adjacent camp grounds, swimming pool, gymnasium, air conditioned dormitories, and two recreation rooms.